Mere Mediocrity

Mediocrity is sadly a tragedy;

The average human;

Until the eventual extinction of this species;

Will remain in that purgatory.

In working hard and with immense strength;

You will be remembered.

From striking fear in a reign of terror;

You will be remembered.

With great suffering and an inspiring success out of failure story;

You will be remembered.

But to simply exist..

To merely survive..

You will be forgotten…


    1. Yess!! We should act to mould the future and leave our imprints on events as they slip past into history. And I’m convinced that someone like you must be doing a great job!! 😊🌸


      1. Yes! For me it is. ❤ The whole visual experience of this site…I mean thoughts can occur in any form, shapes, colors, anything, beyond words.. ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

    1. In a way, you are definitely right! We’re so surrounded by images of glamour that we are constantly made to feel that our own lives are not as important. However, ordinary life and people are just as beautiful and interesting!
      Thank you for this eye-opening thought Mr Fred😊😊

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