Faded Dreams

Those dreams have come unravelled;

Everything turned undone;

All this time thinking life is a riddle;

A race I’d already won.



Those days spent sick in waiting;

Those years I’ve been fading;

This isn’t what I thought it’d be;

Waiting for the life I dreamed it to be.



Winning is just an illusion of fame;

And friends sooner or later forget your name;

Sick of the clock’s constant ticking;

Life is nothing like I imagined while sleeping;

Zombies in daylight and vampires in starlight;

Forget who we are in search of the limelight.



It seems there is nothing out of place,

From the outside looking in,

But looking in the mirror at my own face,

Even I can’t see the tragedy within.



Of a girl’s lost and lonely soul wandering for miles,

Step upon step through every way,

Of every which day,

For a life beyond that grief-stricken smile…



    1. I’ve written this from my perspective, as a teenager and believe me, I’m really appreciative and touched of your wonderful thoughts. It’s always a pleasure to see my work being appreciated😊😊
      Thank you very very much😊 Means a lot, truly.

      Liked by 1 person

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