Silent Soliloquy

Is it really worth it?

I ask myself constantly

Is it really meant for me?

Or am I just another?

Another member of the rabble,

Mocking silently others,

Joining in their mindless babble?

Is it possible for once,

Just once,

To stand out?

Is it?

If we are all trying to be different,

Then that must mean that some are inherently the same.

Is it possible to be unique?

Be the only one at all?

But here’s the real question

Is it possible to be normal?

Is being normal even being sane?

If we all stand out

Then we must all be equal right?

Because if we all stand out,

How can one be higher than the other one in sight?

Ohh this can go on forever;

Better leave it for another…


    1. This statement itself is so powerful and determinative! Wow! This poem was one of those spur-of-the-moments ones. I’m awed how you could voice out so much in so few words. Thank you for this invigorating comment😊

      Liked by 1 person

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