High School Symphony

High School has been like a bittersweet symphony,
A melisma of continuously rotating sensational events.
The allargando rush of the school year to begin and end,
Coming to a Caesura, repeating all over again.
Setting out into the new world, I’ve been able to have an optional solo,
Standing up to peer pressure among a divisi of stratified groups and classes
and suddenly pending together through queer unison.
A molto of thrilling, exhilarating proms and electrifying dances,
and the dolcissimo of erupting stimulating emotion that is to come.
The tranquillo end where we finally become capable to breathe.
The time to capture the bitter with the sweet.
And now the rush of the enthusiastic sound.
The song ends with a numbness intact to the breathless notes.
We must all say goodbye.


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