Pristine Pride

The girl you see now? No, there’s a lot more,
A complete other side; a heavy locked door.
Nobody knows what she’s hid inside,
Nobody dares take away her pride.

She’s got her own dreams, as big as can be.
All she needs now is some guarantee.
She gives all she has got, to reach for the stars,
But all it leaves are hurting, deep scars.

She knows what she wants,
But no one can see,
The magic she has;
All she can be.
They all see through her;
Right through her eyes
But just wait for the day
When she touches the sky.

The girl follows no one;
She’ll walk her own direction.
She’ll chase her own dreams,
With no need of protection.

With the weight on her shoulders;
She crawls through night and day,
And when no one is looking,
She goes her own way…


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