The Race I Ran

The soft padding of my running feet,
Rhythmically ran at a hypnotic beat.
My legs moved frantically, forward and back
Propelling me faster, across the race track.
A quick glance behind showed that I was in the lead,
While the rest of the group tried to quicken their speed.
I focused my run, steadied my pace,
I’d a long way to go, a long run to race.
All of a sudden I spotted near my side,
A quick-paced runner, with a long-legged strides.
She smiled at me like she’d already won,
Yet she looked very thrilled, like this was great fun.
I smouldered inside because I had to win,
Not some idiot with a stupid looking grin!
I ran ever faster and soon was ahead,
Yet the long-legged runner just laughed at me and then sped.
And once again she was in lead of the group.
As my body felt exhausted and I started to droop.
This wasn’t fair; I had to get past her,
Though my chest burned and my eyesight grew dim.
I barely even noticed when she crossed the line,
To win the race, which should have been mine.
I realized, to my surprise, as I gasped for air,
That though she’d won, I didn’t even care.
What mattered was that the race had been fun,
And now it was over, now it was done.
The thought put a smile to my lips,
While I opened my water container and took a few sips.
It wasn’t about competing; I didn’t worry if she’d won,
All that really mattered was that I really had great fun!


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