Crafting A Collage

I believe that life is like the collage we played with as a child,
The collage represents our life; it starts out in a pile.
As our hands work and begin to craft and create,
A beautiful mould starts to shape.

We are in control of who we become
You are the artist so don’t be dumb!
Each detail we engrave with our knife
Has crucial meaning and counts in life.

Our time in Earth won’t last forever;
Take advantage of opportunities: never say never.
Our hands are in control of what we do
So, use your hands to mould a better you!

 ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  ◍  

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