Adventurous Abode

I have sung and strung old harmonies
With the symphony of stars
I have exchanged wise words with setting suns
While having long runs
I have wept alongside dying trees
Our tears joined in with endless rain
I have raged and roared my heart sore
Beneath the skies, under the storm
I have been set afire with joy
In a fertile, elfish land
I have danced a summer ritual
With a herd of cows who grin
I have hanged a villain on a silken noose
As penance for his sins
I have soared as high as hopeful dreams
On a mare with eagles’ wings
I have sat upon the crescent moon
To listen to the nighthawk sing
Is this the person who I am?
Is it Adventure to whom my life I owe?
Really, I’m just a commoner
Who has dreamt of being so…


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