Don’t Fuss To Fumble

Pushed to have big dreams,
Since we were children so small.
Told us it’s all part of the big scheme,
To make us ‘happy’ that’s all.

Always hustling; a thousand things to do;
Constantly dashing for the reward,
Grasping for it as we quickly run through,
No time for thoughts, moving onward.

Taught to be lions chasing deer,
Blindly running after their kill.
Hesitating at no obstacles and without fear,
So sure about our goals and will.

Now dreams are just burdens most carry,
Set to be heroes remembered by all,
Like Shakespeare, Einstein and Marie Curie;
Afraid to sit, stop and stall.

But hush my friend. Listen to me:
Who says a dream must be glorious?
Life’s a journey and no matter the size of dreams you see,
There’s always a chance to become victorious.

And if you find that hard to have a dream at all,
Let it go; clear your mind of what’s inside,
Every cloud has a silver lining in times for when one falls,
Don’t bash yourself for not making it; celebrate that you tried!


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