Pray For The World

Today, I walked barefoot in my yard and realised how privileged I am to have a small lawn in it, a house and rooms to practise isolation and social distancing, food to last at least a month, enough cash- in case we’d like to have supplies delivered.

The pandemic hasn’t been the same for us all. Please be aware of the situation around you. Some need food or health care. Let us think about the animals who depend on us. Let us use our connections, our knowledge ,the social media or at least contact our own circle to help those around us.

The lockdown could be worse for over thinkers, people struggling with anxiety or depression. Develop strategies to engage yourself, talk to your family. We all need a healthy state of mind to get through this.
No one likes the idea of lockdown, but if we don’t, the deaths could be horrific. We have entered a time where, although everything feels strange and it’s easy to be fearful, it’s also a rare time to take stock. To discover who we are without the same patterns and routines.

Most importantly , let’s practise positivity. We all know the dos and donts for the pandemic, let’s do our part. These ordinary times of Covid-19 call for extraordinary thinking. We’ll emerge out of this. We will hug again. We will hang out with the people we love. We will travel. We will grieve. And maybe we will look at this wonderful world with fresh eyes.

And lastly, THANK YOU everyone struggling in the frontline, making sure that our life still goes on. All our healthcare professionals, vendors, drivers, police officers and everyone whose life hasn’t stopped. Thank you for working during these challenging times. You all are our heroes…

Love and prayers 🌻


  1. Indeed it is a sad time but also a time to reflect and ponder and count our blessings and also to be grateful for being privileged and help in any way possible those who need it the most.

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  2. I liked your compact well organized post. It clearly covered a few points and ended with a call to action – be positive, be thankful. I also liked how you raised awareness for less fortunate. Including animals. -David

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    1. Firstly, I highly appreciate that you checked in my blog, even after me being inactive for months! It warmed my heart 💛 So many great lessons learned especially in a year that has been trying for all of us! Even so, I lost my grandfather a few days ago. While this year might be hard, I believe that through every hardship, battle, and trial we’re faced with while on this earth, there is a purpose behind it and a lesson to be learned. I hope that you too have been able to find the silver linings throughout this year so far.  Sending my best wishes 💓


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