Better than You

I remember the vivid days as a child,

When I wanted to be just like you

But they lied when they smiled,

Telling me dreams always come true

So I chose to make it loud and clear,

I have to become better than you

Without knowing which road to steer,

Ill fight through whatever it takes to be better than you.

Those who write their own story can rhyme;

Following the original was never tough to do;

While soon enough, we all become mimes.

I will be my own inspiration and won’t relive you;

I‘ll become who I want to be in my own way,

And I’ll someday be better than you.



  1. Ashwini I had got a notification of your post 657 but it is not appearing in the Reader. I too came to know from a couple of followers that my post of yesterday wasn’t there in their Reader.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Sir. Actually that post of mine was a ‘testing post’ for my upcoming one and it’s been deleted by me. Maybe refreshing the feed caused this technical anomaly for yours. Sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you for tuning in to my site!

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