Visions Unfold

They do not seem to see it all;

To view me as a whole

Well past my skin they cannot look;

They are all blind to my soul

They only pay attention to

The swaying of my tree;

But how firm my roots are planted

They care not to see.

When I’m an oyster, hidden and plain,

With sand that’s gotten in;

They see the roughness of my shell,

Not the pearl I’ve made within.

Of the steps I’ve built and scaled;

They notice merely the creaks,

But when it comes to the height I’ve reached,

They blatantly ignore the towering peak

Alas, when they are in those mines

Filled with treasures to behold

They see no darkness, dirt or grime

They only see the gold…

⋇⊶⊰⊱⊷⋇ ⋇⊶⊰⊱⊷⋇ ⋇⊶⊰⊱⊷⋇ 


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