Hail of A Hero

What do you do,
When your heroes just aren’t around?
When Superman retires,
And the capes can’t be found.
When The Flash gets slow;
Spiderman gets sprayed,
The Flame burns out;
Or Batman’s flight is delayed;
Wolverine takes out a nail file,
Wonderwoman quits the team.
The Thing turns human,
And The Hulk loses on his green.
When the ones you count on,
Decide to quit their occupations.
You’re left so alone.
With all these frustrations.
You can’t get them back,
Because they’re nowhere to be found.
They left you stunned,
And now, you can’t find your ground.
Instead of being like them,
And just giving up,
Keep up high your head,
When things begin to get tough.
Gain your strength,
Defeat the crimes on your own.
No one needs a sidekick.
You can do it all alone!
Don’t let The Joker get away.
Give Darth Vader a better tone.
Beat up all the robbers,
And let the hostages go home.
In the end,
You will always be your own hero.
As far as giving up goes,
The percentage should always be zero.




    1. To be honest, I never listened to that song before and nor was my work based on that. But…it’s a GREAT SONG and yes very in line with the poem’s theme🤗. Thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love this poem
        Felt like “something just like this” song (by chainsmokers and coldplay)
        The best!! And please write more poems like this.. coz i want something just like this

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yeah ikr😂😂. Saw the ‘Coldplay’ comment twice before! But honestly, I had no prior idea about that song. It’s such a nice song though🤗.
        You seem an avid spectator of Hollywood fanfictions😋
        I’ll surely try my best, Sir. Thank you so much😊

        Liked by 2 people

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