Snippet of Sleep

Every morning I lie there sleeping,
When my peace is destroyed by a simply awful beeping.
My dreams shattered, sudden and drastic,
By this evil, red-eyed chunk of plastic.


I roll over in pain and hammer on the snooze,
Grumbling, groaning and thinking ‘Why must this thing torture me so?’
‘Don’t make me get up, please, just five minutes more!’
The same thing I’ve said every morning before.


It’s not that I’m not a morning person, or that I dread the coming day,
It’s just that I hate waking up in this weary way!
I‘d much rather rise up along with the light,
Shining through the window, glowing, beaming so bright.


But the sudden screaming, the unbearable fuss,
Makes me want to scream, cry, and sometimes even cuss!
Especially the knowledge that all of my sorrow
Will be repeated the same time, same way, tomorrow…

     ⛧ ⌒ ⛦ ⌒ ⛧ ⌒ ⛦ ⌒ ⛧ ⌒ ⛦ ⌒ ⛧


  1. Oh to wake up naturally, I have two alarm clocks one has a very loud meow and the other a high pitch alarming meow, I have no chance but to obey to start the day or the alarm will get louder followed by proddings for food and to go out.

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