Mauritius, My Motherland❤💙💛💚

In 1968 our national flag was flown,

To the rest of the world it was shown,

That a very proud country now stood tall,

And we would never let it fall.


A piece of paradise created by the Almighty;

Gifted by nature with picturesque scenery;

Mauritius has developed very fast;

Mauritius is backward’ is a thing of the past.


Nothing in the world can match up her beauty;

The mountains and the lakes pile up her divinity.

Outrageous courage with no scarcity;

Fearless youth with enticing gravity.


The pain we try to heal,

The sorrow we try to cover,

Hand in hand we stand,

One suffers, we all suffer.


Upon this motherland where people

Of all religions are happy to stay,

She shows unity which is not feeble

And will remain as such till the ever lasting day.


For Glory and Pride she stores;

Strength and bravery is what she bestows.

Proud of a nation of what she retains,

Proud of the people who do what it takes.



{My motherland, Mauritius is celebrating her 51 years of Independence & 27 years of Republic on this 12th of March. Long Live the Republic of Mauritius😊😊

Do have a look at these videos to get a glimpse of the beauty of this sceptred isle set in a silver sea:


Thank you!}



      1. You watched? Thank you!!!
        Btw, ‘Lame dan Lame’ in Creole literally translates into hand in hand in English. And that was a Creole patriotic song…very famous😊
        Thank you for watching once again. Do share the video. ❤

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  1. What a lovely tribute to Mauritius. One day I would love to see Catalonia’s independence without any violence. If my dream and the one of many Catalan people like me could only come true… 🙏

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