Strike Of Stars

On the darkest of nights

I crawl out of my cavern

Away from the wights, struggles and advice

Just to gaze upon the sparkling stars

And sigh at their twinkling lights

As any pity of my plights

Are lost in their heights.


I reach my hands out,

My fingers clench air,

My mind whispers doubt,

I forcefully try to stay stout;

Yet on starlight alone,

I‘m unable to sprout.



I plead and I pout.

Desperately hopeless,

A traveller without a route.


When the bright stars fade away,

Before the Sun’s brilliant rays,

My fortitude will decay;

Now back to that cavern without any delays,

In darkness I’ll sit, until the end of the day…


{Photo credits: R. Y. A. N Photography @ }



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