Poem Ponderer

I‘m thinking of writing this poem tonight

One with rhythm and rhyme

One to manoeuver left and right

Through snaking tunnels in time


A poem that highlights flaky desires

And ventures of heroes, bold

Of roamers comfily settling for sleep by a fire

Against this disdaining cold


A poem that speaks of the gaiety of youth

That fade as years go by

A poem that breathes of the unspoken truth

That is clear as the sky


A poem that wheedles the tears from your misty eyes

With words sounding like harp

Or tickles your funny bone and makes you cry

Through tales that pour from the heart


But I know I can’t make this poem come alive

And I know I may not succeed

For wishing for it is all in the mind

No work, it’s not knead


I wish for a poem that won’t come to sight

Unless I work on it soon

I will not sleep til’ I end the night

Writing a poem until disappears the moon.

{IMAGE CREDITS: R.Y.A.N PHOTOGRAPHY @ https://rayyaanthug.wordpress.com }


      1. No one excepting one or two I have seen very rough waves thrown scattered and so unwise all my life but thank the creator I don’t have words when anything happens to any individual my heart breaks I wish before I die maybe I can at least pray for them every night I pray for all my blogger friends

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