Mystical Musings

Waiting to see what tomorrow’s arrival brings;

Feeling like a puppet with no strings.

Having control of one’s life is merely an illusion;

It is no more than a weak mind’s confusion.


Life just cannot be controlled, only lived;

When one does not know where the current is heading, we can only drift.

The path of life is indeed uncertain and mysterious;

He who believes to fully comprehend it is simply being delirious.


We cannot understand where life begins and where it ends;

We do not know if life death itself transcends.

Life is a puzzle which no one may ever solve;

The mystery of being born only to have our bodies dissolve…



    1. The way you put your musings into words to review my work determines the high calibre of your creativity and also reflects the amazing work on your blog.
      I really appreciate your encouraging comment and look forward to your posts!😊


      1. I always enjoy your writing – I look forward to it because it allows me time to reflect. It’s like when you go to a great performance and there’s a moment of silence before everyone bursts into applause – that time when everyone is just silently taking in the beauty of what they just experienced and the emotion that comes with that. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing and for your kind words.

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      2. I’m extremely glad to know that my words can bring a smile to an individual’s face. That’s very touching! I guess I can’t thank you enough. You are a beautiful soul,truly.🌸


  1. Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂
    In fact competent Masters have solved the riddle, the mystery of life and death – it means when we are not able to solve it, it may not necessarily be impossible for those who were able to transendent life and death, means they were able to rise above their own body consciousness – but this is impossible to explain this in a few words. If you are interested you can read “The mystery of death by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji” – it is a wise book full of spiritual diamonds – then we will also understand the purpose of our life…
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, dear Ashwini

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