Oath to Earth ๐Ÿ’š

We have all fallen into a state of total ignorance

Offering our selves and Earth little reverence

We couldn’t care less about global warming

Although natural calamities are quickly forming

We continually drill holes in our atmosphere

Our effect on Earth has been much severe

We don’t notice our Earth slowly falling to pieces

We can now only pray that our ignorance all but ceases

Quakes, cyclones,typhoons alter our planet’s axis by inches

With each centimeter, Earth flinches

We are slowly turning into unfeeling, hateful robots

We have already stained human history with battle spots

Today’s wars are but a game

Does no one actually feel any shame?

Playing violent and gruesome games virtually

Killing whatever opposition mercilessly

Lives have sadly become merely numbers

It is high time we stop blaming others for our own blunders

I don’t quite believe in the word ‘humanity’ anymore

But the least we can do is perhaps avoid repeating the mistakes of before?



  1. This is beautiful! The world is at a threat and we are the very ones threatening the earth and our existence! I hope we realize this sooner.

    Liked by 1 person

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