Africa In Ache

The mighty sun draped in fiery gown

Blesses again the dreary morn

Golden light adorning its crown

Dances gracefully among the corn


Heat drowns the barren soil

Greeted with groans forlorn

The Earth to life plays foil

Woes line those faces careworn


Leaden eyes beg the blue sky

Unbidden prayers for rain

Sad sighs still wonder why

Heaven’s tears given tight rein


Babies cradled to empty bosom

With pain, suck life of cracked nipples

Future of hope they cannot fathom

Weak bodies shiver in ripples


Void fills their empty grieving gaze

In their forsaken belly

Hunger anew roars ablaze

And fester diseases deadly


Dusks wane to misty nights

Shadows  and yet another dreary day

Dreams unable to take flight

Of griefs forever kept at bay…🌸



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