Sighs of A Student

(A must read for all students-in poetic proses)

Enter the classroom cold and dull
Stale air and words surround our skulls
Now our minds are held in traction
Thinking is a useless action
A derision to the balance
We accept without our consent
Teachers supposedly teaching from decaying books
Students actually feigning attentive looks
Ancient ideas are memorized
As the new begin to writhe
Placated by perceived reward
Unsure of where we’re heading toward
We’re graded on an unreal scale
Living in terror that we might fail
Wasting paper, wasting time
Our pens droll out line after line
Our trivial foam and lonely words
Are rarely read and never heard
Simple desks twist into cages
Passion in us no longer rages
Day after day debasing our self
Never thinking to scream for help
Placidly accepting our daily dose
Of the brainwash that we hold so close
Suppressing our derisive thoughts
As unsaid words begin to rot
Our savior is a screeching tone
We escape to but cry alone…


  1. this is very heart felt and sincere … exactly the point I tried to make in my poem … education is now the rote churning out of distorted facts .. not encouraging original creativity or thought or igniting the thirst for learning … it’s failed miserably!

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  2. Education systems around the world need to change to keep abreast of life, which is so different to even 50 years ago. I think Finland is doing something right as it’s education system is one of (if not the) best in the world – innovative!

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    1. Yeah exactly! We are not being taught to think critically. Facts and figures, commutes and commitments and anything but dreams are ruling some lives.
      Once again, thank you veryy much for reading my posts!!😊😊

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  3. Well written, my friend! I feel there definitely needs to be an overhaul of the education system. It’s archaic and so much of it is not applicable to everyday living. I love your blog and thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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  4. Love this!! Education matters, but accumulating knowledge only has so much value after a point. Wisdom, love and the daily joys of life are so much more important. It is interesting that you titled it, “The sighs of a student.” There is a scripture (Psalm 79:11) about God hearing even the sighs of the condemned prisoner — not that school’s quite that bad. 🙂 Blessings!

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