Nuances of the Night

When the sun sets, the mysteries strive;

Where our nightmares come alive;

All those fears holding onto the heart;

Where in our mind we have to survive.


Yet another deadly and profound silence;

Hearing our hearts beat and our shallow breaths,

Where even the softest sound would tip the balance,

Feeling like our bravery has long since passed its death.


The wind howls outside as it seeps through the trees;

Even with a bright crescent moon hanging high in the sky;

None of the terrors seem to ease;

Nor do the vivid illusions want to die.


In that night of horror where only regrets are awake,

Too scared to sleep or the nightmares will come and haunt,

From our minds that always seem to create,

Monsters that make it hard to put up a font.


Peacefully closing our eyes is all that we want;

But every time we do, we curl up in fear instantly;

Because all they seem to do is taunt;

Making our heart and mind freeze slowly.


Suddenly we see fantastical creatures in the dark;

So strange, we have to wake up;

We do not want this to leave a mark;

But the eyes are wide open and we are still not on dreams’ cusp.


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