In The Middle Of The Abyss

Silvery white waves rushed around the rocking boat, but quickly folded to the deep blue it was before.

To some this may seem beautiful and enchanting but I wish to be anywhere but here.

The deep dark sea taunts me with its shining eyes with its every rolling wave gushing towards me. I do not dare touch the never-ending water, for I fear that it might swallow me whole, much like it does to the sun every evening.

 The very top of the golden beauty is all that is visible to the naked eye, yet it seems like the brightest part of the day.

Almost like the star, flaring igneous pink and orange colours across the sky is a last call for help.

I do not wish for the same to happen to me and so, I sit in the middle of the boat imagining as if I was sitting in a meadow, dotted by an irregular pattern of flowers and weeds that tinged the surface.

The timely rocking of the boat brings me back to reality.

My fear of the abyss around me might seem infantile and irrational but I know of the unimaginable creatures and secrets that lurk in the dark corners of this unseen world, capable of quenching the fiery flame of the sun.


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