Bits & Pieces of Life

As I was younger, I sought the world, reaching to the people, wanting to be heard.

My dreams beyond comprehension, driven by motivation.

I felt as if tall as the sky, being able to do anything, why!

You see, as I was young and bold, the things that I was told did not grab hold; I sought what I could not have feeling as if something was holding me back.

Locked within a world of my own, I was Queen on the golden throne.

Though time surely passed and that world of mine was crumbling fast.

Few fragments left behind; helping me not forget the world I so proudly designed.

I was awakening to reality, so dry and cold. Felt like torture I was told and boiyy were they right; it draws nearer every night.

Each day, I would awake to look out the window, growing afraid.

Push myself to the limit, really hard to begin with. My mind soaring but my body in shackles as I went through everyday hassle.

Learning from failure and physical toll, my psyche now being moulded slowly and cold…

Compelled by the people, disguised by the work of evil and vice, masks not my own, some of them too worn and torn.

Imagine the child that I was, locked within a Jack-in-the-box, waiting for the handle to spin, if only that lid would spring.

But in reality, that child was burning and waiting for that world of hers to be returning… 🙂


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