The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



      1. Ahhh yes! A poor, naive soul also a high school student,17, struggling with life at the seams😋😋
        And how about you elder doppelgänger, Rainyshadows? Sorry I don’t know your name😓

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      2. I am an electrical engineering graduate and you can call me Mathav. struggling with life, ah mate! You shouldn’t be. I think this is the first time I am talking to someone from Mauritius. How’s winter there?

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      3. Oh woww! Science boy😊
        Omg! How’d you guess I’m from Mauritius?🤓
        It varies depending on the location; we usually have a mild winter but a smothering heat in summer phewww😫
        Wait are you from India or Sri Lanka?


    1. Oh yeah gravatar obviously😁😁!
      Yeah! Beautiful beaches but the high humidity explains why it feels so much hotter during summer.
      Mauritius’ cultures are also known to be synonymous with those in India.😊
      Holi, Eid ….Bollywood😋

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      1. One day, you should definitely come for a visit! I’m sure you gonna love it; the place and the people😊. But that does not mean that I see people’s lives here through rose-tinted spectacles. Some people really do struggle just like anywhere else on this earth I guess😕

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      2. It would be a dream come true for me ashwini to explore. Oh my I think I didn’t put it clearly… actually I meant you shouldn’t say you are struggling , not today, cuz a new year is about to be born

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      3. Ofc not!😊
        Yeah exactly! New year, same me, because I’m already freakin’ ‘wonder’ full😂😂
        And also,
        I wish you get exactly what you deserve this coming year. Leave the tears, forget the fears and smash it as an engineer😂😊😍
        Best wishes ahead Mathav❤

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      4. Yeah I enjoyed them! Tbh, I was hesitant to click on the tamil one as I hardly understand it but the translation was simply beautiful🌸🌸. And you write so amazingly with a concrete touch of decisiveness over that fine writing that it feels difficult to disagree with what you imply😊 That’s why you should definitely post your work on Instagram😊

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      5. Pleasure’s mine🌸
        No mate😂
        But here in Mauritius, we know a bit of many ancestral languages; Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Bhojpuri, English, French and Spanish amongst others. Yes, a multicultural as well as a multilingual country. And obviously, Creole, our mother tongue😊

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      6. wow. So cool, Learning many languages is a good thing and you have such a wonderful opportunity.Hey just a small request, whenever you are commenting in my post add in some creole words, that way i’ll learn some too. Had dinner? oh wait .. the time I just had my dinner here..

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      7. But all I get are buttered ones haha😂
        Omg I can’ t believe somebody asked for my opinion on their work. I’m not that experienced and ‘knowledgeable’ in worldly affairs as you but since you requested, I’ll review it to the best of my abilities😊

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